Born in 1985, Paweł Chodaczek became a successful e-commerce entrepreneur in his early 20s. Creator of AdPilot, a technologically advanced advertising agency active on more than 30 markets.

Co-author of the state-of-the art technology that contributed to the success of companies such as Cloud Technologies and RTB House. Investor in technology-oriented start-up projects and real estate.


Since his early childhood Paweł Chodaczek has been interested in science and technology. Since he was 8, he participated successfully in numerous math and IT competitions, both individually, as well as a team member. As a finalist of high school math and IT national competitions, he was welcome by any university but it was clear that IT would become his career of choice.


As a student, Chodaczek was making a living of SEO advertising. He found a way to have his webpages positioned high in Google's search results. Looking for content that would meet the criteria he had identified, he came across the idea of providing the users of Allegro, Poland's largest online auction service, with the possibility to search through its archives. The project, a technological challenge due to the large volumes of data that needed to be processed, managed to obtain EU financing within the "Innovative Economy" Operational Program. It was not only the EU that found the service interesting. Soon after its launch, Chodaczek received a call from a representative of the Polish Tax Agency, inquiring about the possibility of introducing an advanced search through the archive in order to identify the sellers evading taxes. Allekontrola, a set of 15 search mechanisms, soon became the top tool used by the Polish tax authorities to track online sales subject to taxation and was also found useful by the customs and the police, who used it to search for stolen cars by identifying Allegro users selling specific car parts.


Never resting on his laurels, Chodaczek was constantly looking for new business opportunities. He kept investing in Internet domains, over time creating a substantial portfolio. Already experienced in online advertising mechanisms, he also launched AdPilot, an advertising agency specializing in online marketing.

Starting from a one-man business, advertising websites, the business grew large enough for Chodaczek to face, for the first time, the dilemma which business activities to continue developing and which to give up. As his marketing activity, thanks to automatization of advertising processes, was already bringing significant profits, he chose online marketing over a successful car and truck trading business set up in the meantime and decided to hand over the management of Allekontrola to a colleague. Step by step, AdPilot became more and more technologically complex, using state-of-the-art big data analytics and statistical modelling in order to provide its clients with comprehensive, automated campaign optimization services not only in Poland, but also worldwide. Thanks to the extensive network of partners, AdPilot was capable of offering the possibility to set up effective campaigns in any set of online channels on over 30 markets, ranging from Europe, through Asia to Latin America and still expanding.


As AdPilot was bringing more returns than the company needed for its own growth, Chodaczek started looking for opportunities to invest in other businesses, particularly in the fields he had most expertise in, namely IT and online advertising.

One of the first companies Chodaczek saw potential in was Cloud Technologies. He became the company's strategic investor who not only subscribed for its shares, but also provided the start-up both with funds, as well as his own know-how. His support allowed the company to invest in the development of its programmatic buying tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. In 2014 Cloud Technologies became the fastest growing company on New Connect and the largest one listed on this market in 2015 with ambitious plans for further growth. As of 2016, the company has the largest set of behavioral data on Polish Internet users and state-of-the-art tools for optimizing online marketing efforts.

The success of RTB House is also owed to the involvement of Chodaczek. He founded the company, became its key shareholder and supported it with funds that were unavailable for the company due to its start-up character. He also co-authored the retargeting software that became the company's core competence and the cornerstone of its competitive advantage. The support provided by Chodaczek helped the company become a key player on the market, offering well-known brands with top performance marketing services. As of 2016, RTB House is a fast growing hi-tech enterprise with offices on three continents and staff of top artificial intelligence experts. Its Top 3 position in world rankings of retargeting providers makes it worth ca. 100 million PLN.


Still looking for new opportunities to expand his investment portfolio, Paweł Chodaczek became interested in the real estate market. One of his companies is Nieruchomości Warszawskie, which lets office buildings in Warsaw and invests in other real estate projects. It has a history of successful transactions, including a parcel sale in just 9 months (ROI of ca. 40% p.a.).

Apart from his low-risk investment pillar, Chodaczek is also an active investor in high-risk start-up projects at different stages of development. To mention a few: RD Labs carries out research in fields ranging from bioinformatics and genetics to new products based on modern technologies such as e-ink or intelligent LED. ToReforge is a newly founded start-up incubator with the mission of turning interesting business ideas into sustainable businesses capable of self-financing. IIIT is a software house whose main goal is to implement ambitious IT projects, using unique business insights from in-depth data analysis and optimizing business processes with business-friendly, technologically advanced tools, tailored to meet individual needs of even the most demanding customers. HCore is an adserver technology provider, offering online publishers adserver deployment services. There are more projects awaiting in the investment pipeline.


As the portfolio of Chodaczek's investments grew larger, he decided to take the next step and bring more structure to his business by starting an investment fund and dividing the key business arms of AdPilot into separate companies, in order to give his management team more independence.

As part of the restructuring process, the core business of AdPilot has been transferred to Imagine The Future, an advertising agency with an ambitious growth strategy. Start-up investments are currently operated within the investment fund, which provides the flexibility necessary to support the new bsinesses at the time and in the way they need it. Warsaw Holding, the real estate pillar of the fund, manages investment in real estate, including IQ investments - the SPV set up with perspective of buying the office building in Warsaw's Powiśle district, currently serving as the seat for some of Chodaczek's businesses, intended to become a meeting place for the start-up environment.



Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology


Warsaw School of Technology - Studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering (studies in English)


Stanisław Staszic XIV High School in Warsaw - Mathematics, Physics and IT Class

Selected achievements:


Member of Warsaw University of Technology Team in European Team Programming Championships


Member of Warsaw University of Technology Team in European Team Programming Championships


Finalist of XI IT Olympics


Finalist of LV Math Olympics


Finalist of LIV Math Olympics


Finalist of I Nationwide IT Competition


Laureate of the I prize in Math Competition


Laureate of the III prize in IT Competition


Participant of the support program for exceptionally talented children organized by National Fund for Children